_MG_9742_1The Osteopathic profession spans the globe and is a registered healthcare provider in Australia with AHPRA. 

Your first consultation:

Your Osteopath will discuss your complaint, decide on specific examinations and or investigations and then advise on a proposed treatment plan.  You may be required to remove some clothing for both examination and treatment.  To feel comfortable please bring shorts and a T-Shirt.  We do provide a clinic gown however there are times when these are in use or being cleaned.

Medicare / Chronic Disease Management Plans 

Chronic disease management Medicare plans are for patients with a chronic illness and require ongoing care. You are allocated up to 5 treatments per year and must be referred from a General Practitioner. Speak to your GP today to see if you're eligible.


Pensioners and Healthcare Card holders are Bulk Billed

Private Patients must pay the full consultation fee and will be rebated the scheduled Medicare fee (currently $52.95) at the time of their consultation.

photo-1457342813143-a1ae27448a82Pre and Post Natal Management

Osteopaths are common practitioners sought out to treat pregnancy related spinal pain.  The 3 trimesters of pregnancy bring very different issues for a soon to be mother, all of which may be assisted by your Osteopath. 

Post pregnancy pain is common due to lifting your new born and poor posture during breast feeding.  Your Osteopath can assist you through this time with treatment, post pregnancy exercise prescription and appropriate referral.


Osteopathy is a great form of manual therapy for sports people. Our understanding of biomechanics and rehabilitation can assist you in your recovery from any sports injury.  At OsteopathyOne we have an extensive rehabilitation room to provide you with equipment which may assist you with returning to sport.

Improve your sport performance with 3 easy steps:

  • Step 1:  Functional movement assessment
  • Step 2: Osteopathic treatment for optimal biomechanics
  • Step 3: Restorative exercise