Shiatsu – Vicky Hart

Vicky has been treating as a Shiatsu practitioner for over 8 years in Melbourne.  She has worked from many environments including private homes, day spas and clinics, and is currently treating from two locations in Fitzroy and Pascoe Vale.

Vicky is drawn to the eastern perspective on health as it allows a fluid and holistic approach to therapy.  There is an art to reading a body and an individual's health as it changes with the seasons and with time.  How Shiatsu can be used to assist this, is what Vicky finds inspiring. 

Constantly humbled by the practice of Shiatsu, the relationships formed around it and the expanse of Traditional Chinese Medicine knowledge, this field promises to be an ongoing passion for Vicky. 

With a particular interest in the arts and sports she loves supporting performers to reach their ultimate potential. Pregnancy and postnatal care is another area of passion for Vicky. She has gained years of experience working with pregnant women, offering support during labour and running workshops for couples in preparation for birth.

Vicky practises at our Pascoe Vale clinic.

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